Thursday, October 16, 2014

shop + beginnings

Welcome new friends! So, I started an Etsy shop back in November of 2013 on a whim because, well, I love old things. And I also like finding old things that I think other people will love. Doing the whole Etsy thing seemed like the perfect way to marry my love of vintage (without becoming a full on hoarder) by also helping others find unique items for their home or collection, and so House and History was born.
The shop has just been lingering around as I planned a wedding this past year, got married, went on my honeymoon and then transitioned into married life, all the while working full time as graphic designer. Thankfully, things seem to be slowly starting to get back to a normal pace and I am hoping this will be the perfect opportunity to get House and History going strong.
So, here I am, in this little slice of the internet, setting up a place where I plan to share updates on the shop and the goodies I currently have for sale, as well as upcoming items. You may also find posts about my better half and I, our lives as newlyweds, our little cottage that we have been renovating since we bought it about 6 months before we got engaged, our babies (fur babies that is) and other random happenings. I hope you'll come around for a visit once in awhile and share in this fun new adventure with me!

Visit the shop here


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